Pirbos s.r.l. italian leather manufacturer  
Pirbos s.r.l produttore pelli



We are happy to offer a full service from design sampling to final production.

We deliver on time and respect the requested delivery dates.

We select our leather with utmost care in order to guarantee an excellent quality.


Our customers appreciate our reliability.

 We are able to handle also small orders.

We happily assist you when developing your new collection.


 Our products are Made in Italy.

We provide unique handmade high quality at very competitive prices.

We help established and new designers to   develop their ideas.

PIRBOS S.R.L.  Italian leather manufacturer & exporter
of leather garments.

For more than 40 years in the leather industry, we have been specialising in the production of leather garments and shearling .

We produce leather jackets, leather skirts, leather pants, leather coats and much more...

We produce on demand using as well high quality leather reptile and we also use collars and edges of valuable furs for the finishing of our leaders products.

We work with companies who are looking for a reliable partner for the production of their leather fashion lines.

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